Joining the Ladies Scottish Climbing Club


Graduating Membership

Graduating Membership allows women who have limited mountaineering experience to join the Club and build up their skills. Graduating Members must then apply for Full Membership within six years of joining the Club.

To apply for Graduating Membership you need to complete the application form giving as much information as possible about your mountaineering experience.

The criteria for Graduating Membership can be summarised as the ability to:

  • Complete a full mountain day at good speed
  • Navigate at a basic level and have the willingness to learn
  • Be willing to learn rope skills and climb on rock
  • Have had some experience of winter hill-walking
  • Have had at least 12 mountain days in Scotland.

You need to have a Proposer and two Seconders who will support your application. The Proposer must be a Full Member but one of the two Seconders may be a Graduating Member. 

Click on the next page in this section for the guidelines for Full Membership or go to page 4 for details of how to apply for membership.


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