Joining the Ladies Scottish Climbing Club


Breithorn, Swiss Alps

Briethorn, Swiss Alps

The LSCC differs from many Clubs in that you need to come out with the Club several times over a longish period before you can join. This means that you will know the Club well and Club members will know you before you apply. So although the procedure can seem arduous, in practice it is quite personal and most people find that by the time they apply to join the Club they are already a part of it.

Although the LSCC is not suitable for beginners, you can join as a Graduating Member with relatively little mountaineering experience. You should however, aspire to become a Full Member and for this, you "must be competent on the Scottish hill in mist and in moderate snow conditions and have some experience of rock climbing in Scotland" (quote from our constitution). 

There is more discussion of this in the FAQs page on the website.

Both levels of membership, Graduating and Full, have set criteria:

The attendance requirement is the same for both: "Candidates for Membership need to have attended a minimum of eight days with the Club, which must include three weekend meets, over a minimum period of six months and a maximum period of two years".

Also, for both levels of membership, you need to have a Proposer, who has a detailed knowledge of your mountaineering ability and two Seconders, who have been out on the hill with you. You should find that once you come along to meets and get to know members of the Club, you will have plenty of offers to propose and second your application.

When you have completed your eight days with the Club you will know which level of entry you want to aim for.

Click on to page 2 for the criteria for Graduating Membership or to page 3 for Full Membership.


Graduating Membership

Graduating Membership allows women who have limited mountaineering experience to join the Club and build up their skills. Graduating Members must then apply for Full Membership within six years of joining the Club.

To apply for Graduating Membership you need to complete the application form giving as much information as possible about your mountaineering experience.

The criteria for Graduating Membership can be summarised as the ability to:

You need to have a Proposer and two Seconders who will support your application. The Proposer must be a Full Member but one of the two Seconders may be a Graduating Member. 

Click on the next page in this section for the guidelines for Full Membership or go to page 4 for details of how to apply for membership.



Full Membership

To apply for Full Membership you need to be a competent mountaineer as demonstrated by:

The competencies required for Full Membership are described under the three key aspects of mountaineering:


An applicant should feel confident with her own navigational skill level and be able to:


In winter an applicant should be able to:


On rock an applicant should:


Details of how to apply for membership are on the next page ...


Applying for Membership

Download the application form and the accompanying notes. If you need further help completing the form, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Top tips on completing the application form:

Bear in mind when you complete your application form you are aiming to give the committee:

Submitting your application