Membership Application Notes

Please use these notes together with the LSCC Full Membership Guidelines to complete the application form. Your Proposer and Seconders can help you complete the form.

If you are applying for Graduating Membership, it is advisable to keep a copy of this form as a reference when upgrading to Full Membership.


Notes to help with the completion of the application form

Note 1 Indicate your preferred title for entry in the Annual Record, Mrs, Ms, Miss, other or none. 

Note 2 For the Meets attended please indicate if this involved a weekend where you stayed overnight with members of the Club. Describe briefly your activities. 

Note 3 Applicants for Graduating Membership are expected to have 12 mountain days in Scotland.
Applicants for Full Membership are expected to have more than 50 days in Scotland in the mountains, which should cover many areas in all conditions throughout the year.

Note 4 Select some days/expeditions in Scotland to show a range of experience in different conditions e.g. weather conditions, type of terrain, navigation and skills required. Also provide a few sentences to indicate your overall mountaineering competence.
For graduating membership some basic competence in navigation is expected.

The committee is especially interested in your activities within the last ten years. If many of your activities are over ten years ago, please indicate why e.g. family commitments, living elsewhere.

Note 5 For full membership competence in Scotland in winter is required, which includes the use of ice axe and crampons. Pitched snow and ice climbs are not necessary. You may mention any courses you have attended giving brief details.
You may add additional information about experience outside Scotland. Again provide a few sentences on your overall winter competence.

Note 6 For full membership an applicant should have experience of climbing some routes in Scotland using basic rope skills to belay a partner. State clearly route and grade and whether you led or seconded the route, if it was single or multi-pitch and the weather conditions. Other rock climbing experience outside Scotland may be included. Mention briefly any courses you may have attended. Provide a few sentences on your overall rock climbing competence.

Note 7 This section is optional.

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